Delhi Meter

Delhi Meter is syndicate Household Consumer panel covering socio economic class A, B and C residing in Municipal limit of Delhi, INDIA

Detailed Information on

  • Name of Brand/item
  • Place of purchase
  • Package type
  • Method of payment
  • The pack size
  • Number of purchase
  • Date of product purchase (dd/mm/yy)
  • Volume
  • Purchase decision maker
  • Purchase type (e.g. routine, planned, impulse)

Product Categories Covered

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
    ・Personal care and Toiletries
    ・Home care
  • Garments & Accessories
  • Consumer Durables & Home Appliances
  • OTC (Over the Counter Medicines)
  • Mobile Phones & Tablets

Delhi Meter Can

  • tell the development or decline of particular categories/brands
  • provide changing or emerging trends in the market
  • visualize brand loyalty
  • clarify the buyer profile based on their demographic / SECs / purchase pattern

Product Categories

Food & Beverage Personal care and Toiletries Home care OTC
・Edible oils
・Atta (Flour)
・Tooth paste
・Hair oil
・Sanitary napkins
・Skin cream fairness
・Washing powder
・Utensil cleaner bar
・Toilet bathroom cleaner
・Anti mosquito vaporizer
・Floor cleaner
・Incense sticks
・Antacid and Digestive
・Medicine for cough
・Multi vitamin

Coverage Area Map

Please use the "Contact Us" button below, or inquire to:
212, Ground Floor, Okhla Industrial Estate phase 3, New Delhi-110020